Shining Rock Riverfest

... did not happen yesterday.

Months ago, I requested yesterday off from work. The Shining Rock Riverfest was scheduled for that day, according to the local newspaper, and I didn't want to miss it this year.

Some time after that newspaper was published, the event was rescheduled from 12 September to 03 October; I did not get the news and never bothered to check to see if anything had changed until after I got home from work yesterday morning. One look at the Shining Rock Riverfest FB page told me all I needed to know; I had a day off and evidently no plans.

But that was OK, because I really needed a day off and did not have the energy to spare for fun.

I'll try again to take the day off in October. They give me five vacation days per year but I rarely use them.

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