Jeb's quote would be funny if it weren't so terribly, tragically wrong

I didn't listen to the Republican debates, but I did hear about them on NPR today.

The one quote that stands out was from J.E. "Jeb" Bush.

"One thing I know about my brother," Bush said, referring to former president George W. Bush, "he kept us safe!"

I don't agree with that, not at all. The largest terrorist attack in our nation's history took place on George W. Bush's inattentive watch, killing thousands of people and causing billions of dollars in physical and economic damage. A month before that attack, W casually dismissed a report ominously (and, it turns out, accurately) titled, "Al-Qaeda determined to strike in U.S." with an easy, "OK, you've covered your ass now."

W was warned by the Clinton administration about the threat posed by al-Qaeda. The Bush administration erroneously believed that they, the neo-cons, were "the grown-ups" and America suffered mightily for their hubris.

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