Lisa tied a leather string around my wrist

She has been gone almost three years, and the string finally broke this morning.

And with the string goes my last excuse for staying single. I've been in touch with my nice lady again, last week, and now I feel completely free to pursue a relationship. Not that it will be any easier now than it was before, but my last daily physical contact with Lisa is gone.

It makes me sad, losing that leather string. By the time I noticed that it was gone, it was too late to find it. It came off at work some time early this morning and probably ended up in a trash can.

Rocko and I went down to the river a little while ago and I just sat on a rock, thinking of Lisa and softly singing Pink Floyd's song, "Wish You Were Here." Pink Floyd was Lisa's favorite band.

Later we'll probably go up to the Devils Courthouse, sit where we poured out Lisa's ashes, and cry a bit.

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  1. Don't delay starting a new relationship if you feel it's right Jay. I'm sure that's what Lisa would want for you. I knew when Judy was failing what she wanted for me, she made it clear to me may times that she didn't want me to be alone. At least one of her cousins has come around to understand, We spent and evening with Linda in June and she agrees I did the right thing and she is happy for me.