the CIA report

Clearly, I have become jaded, because none of this surprises me at all.

I used to write about politics and government a lot. In fact, that is why I started this blog in the first place, a dozen years ago; I needed an outlet and felt bad about spamming all of my friends and family with emails ranting about Bush & Company.

But I had to stop writing about that stuff so much, and stop paying so much attention to it, because it was disruptive to my mental hygiene regimen. There are enough angry people out there. I read what I need to and I vote, and for today that is usually enough.

This latest report about the CIA's torture program confirms everything I believed, and releasing it was the right thing to do. We have to admit to this kind of crap so we can learn and move on. It is just like any other part of life in that respect.

This report also makes apparent the dirty details that made our government so adamant about our soldiers and elected representatives not being subject to the ICC.

And yet there should still be warrants issued at the highest levels. All the way up to W.

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