Fluoride: Still Not Poisoning Your Bodily Fluids! (From Science-Based Medicine)

A couple I consider good friends are, unlike me, rather (read: very) paranoid. While I like them and do not want to alienate them, they are often full of shit. They believe in "chemtrails" and one of them, the husband, made the front page of a small local newspaper earlier this year as the focus of an article critical of the fluoridation of water.

He doesn't drink any municipal water (we're all on wells out here in the boondocks anyway) because it is full of "poison" and he repeats as gospel all of the lies available on the internet regarding fluoridation. He brushes his teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which will certainly get your teeth clean.

A couple of weeks after the article was printed, he had six teeth pulled. "They've been bothering me for a while," he said.

I don't know for sure if this couple is opposed to vaccinations. I assume that they are, since they are so beholden to false information. My daughter is also a friend of theirs; she's smart enough to see through most of the BS and I hope that she does. I'd prefer that my granddaughter receives all recommended vaccinations.

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