your daily space weather report

"Dude, what if there was, like, weather, you know, like, in space, man?" -- Manny Commas

It turns out that there is, indeed, a daily space weather report page at the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction website.

I was sitting here, looking out the window at the beautiful and cloudless day, wondering once again why my satellite signal often deteriorates to an unusable state on a clear and sunny day. This time I actually looked for an answer; I went to my browser and Googled® "space weather today".

The imaging of the Sun being returned by our increasingly sophisticated satellites is revealing amazing things: eruptions, canyons, flares and other events that send complex radiation our way. That wouldn't be a problem if we didn't depend on electronic devices both in space and on Earth.

A couple of days ago I read about a large flare that occurred on 25 October. That's probably what gave me the idea to Google® for "space weather today".

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