the government has shut down - but Obamacare hasn't

I've written my reprehensible Representative, Mark Meadows, a number of times regarding his leadership role in attempting to block the Affordable Care Act. He's a real piece of work, this Meadows thug. This morning I told him that I'd tell him to go to Hell, "but that's where you're going to end up anyway, so it would be redundant to tell you to go there."

If I select what they call a "Bronze" plan (and quit smoking) I can get insurance coverage for $0. That's zero dollars. If I don't quit smoking, my premium will still be less than I have had to pay for medical insurance for at least 30 years.

The National Park system is one of the things that has been shut down, and just in time for fall tourist season! Oh boy. Thanks, Reprehensible Meadows.

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