seeking serenity

I had to unfriend somebody on Facebook the other day. That's not something I do lightly. On the other hand I didn't block them; the person in question is kin and I'd like to be able to communicate when truly necessary. I just don't need assholes in my life on a regular basis.

All but the best of us can be varying degrees of "an asshole" from time to time, and I have had my turn in the spotlight there. But I don't make a habit of it and am not proud of it.

I have a peaceful little cottage at the top of a peaceful cove overlooking a pristine whitewater river. It's good for me. I don't need any more stress than necessary coming through my computer to disturb the peace.

'Tis bad enough that I feel it necessary to remain educated about the behaviour of my elected representatives. That alone gets me hot.

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