Our crystal-clear river is brown and white today, the result of about 4" of rain. It's still raining, and the river is still rising. I'm safe from flooding up here, but of course the hillside could let go. Probably not, though. There are plenty of trees to hold things together.

On my drive home this morning I kept my eye on the water. In a lot of places, the meanders of the river have been replaced by straight runs in a number of places; gravel bars and spits are underwater. It's fun to look at but I'm glad I don't have one of those places right down on the water.

My hummingbirds are hanging pretty close to the feeder. I made a new batch of sugar water and will top up the feeder as soon as I can figure out what I can stand on to do the job. I usually stand on a chair, but it would sink into the mud in this weather.

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