doing the hermit thing

Software problems have kept me mostly off-line for the past few days. Almost a week now. I can use my Slax USB stick to get online to research my problems, but have to reboot into text mode to work on it. That slows things down a lot.

But besides that, it's been rainy and chilly. I was called in for the evening shift on Wednesday after only getting a couple of hours of sleep. But it was OK, I might even get time and a half for it.

The trees are are getting past the budding stage. I was surprised to look out my bedroom window yesterday and see the biggest nearby tree resplendent in real leaves. Buckeye are leafing out too. Soon it will be nearly impossible to see the bottom of the gully, except for a short time during the morning when the sun shines off of the delta of little creeks as they come down from the farm next door. It looks like a 10-foot-wide stream; an optical illusion, of course, but a glorious one.

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