sleepy time time

[Ed. Note: "Sleepy Time Time" is a blues tune from Cream's 1966 album, "Fresh Cream"]

This morning I awoke a little after 7 A.M., very late for me, especially since I fell asleep at about noon yesterday. At some point during the night, I let George out, but other than that I slept like a rock.

There was a wonderfully picturesque fog when I went out to hang the flag and read the electric meter. It rained a bit yesterday, a few brief thunderstorms that knocked flower petals out of the tulip trees. But the tree canopy has filled out, and the rain came down like a spray under the trees.

I've been meaning to write about politics for a while but it just hasn't happened. Oh well. It seems so far away, living in this mountain forest paradise, but of course it's not that far. My very own state of North Carolina has been taken over by rabid right-wing Tea Party types who insist on rolling back the progress this state has made.

Dang it, I don't want to think about that and get mad. Radio time.

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