a little of what we're dealing with here in NC

An article at Americans United will give you some idea of the destructive and often ludicrous policy initiatives that our State and Federal Legislators have been stirring up.

Here in Haywood County, we used to have to deal with Heath Shuler, a Democrat in name only. Now we have Michelle Presnell, a Tea Party Republican. her office keeps sending me emails detailing the wonderful work she thinks she's doing. Needless to say, I disagree profoundly with nearly every position she has taken.

It amazes me that local representatives can repeatedly enter legislation that harms their own districts. Can't really expect much logic from the Tea Party, I suppose.

Oh well, there's another election in a year and a half. Maybe the GOP will finally piss off enough people to get kicked back to the woodshed where they belong. I wish.

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