the mighty panther

Cat Mandu, a.k.a. George, left me a present on the front door mat this morning: a dead frog.

It was only yesterday that I asked him to leave his kills where I can see them, so that I can praise him. I have found a few mice dead in the yard recently and I told George that I am sure that he's killed more than that. Leave the evidence where I can see it.

And so he did.

Well, it's a rainy afternoon and I need to sleep before work. We were told to clock in 15 minutes early so that the person being relieved can get out on time. That's OK with me, it ensures that I'll get a little bit of extra time in each paycheck. And I find that getting up earlier allows me to be more relaxed on my drive.

Bed time. The Schwarz Brothers, Rocko and George, are already curled up on the bed.

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