hummingbirds and fireflies

The first hummingbird of the season showed up at my feeder on 17 April 2013. I  didn't get a close look, but I think it's only one so far. I hung the feeder on the 10th and have been watching it carefully.

This morning at 4 A.M. the boys and I went out on the front porch. It was warm, about 55 degrees, and cloudy. We got some rain yesterday; it was dark and humid.

Fireflies are starting to light up under the grass. They may only be larvae at this point. The boys convinced me to put on boots and walk around in the dark, and I saw a lot of fireflies under the grass.

During the light of day, trees are budding out. The Bloodroot and Solomon's Seal are starting to show up, and I'm eagerly awaiting the Jack in the Pulpit and our abundant trillium. The daffodils are long done, except for one late individual down near the far corner of the field, standing proud and profoundly alone. Evidently that particular bulb didn't get the climate change memo.

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  1. hey, saw my first fireflies yesterday too. three of them. Woot. And my corn plants are 4-6 inches tall.