state of the world address

It's actually the State of the Union Address, but the metal band Biohazard released an album back in the 1990's called State of the World Address; song #1 on side A (these were vinyl and cassette days) was the title song of the album. On the CD it's just track #1.

Here's the song (not an official video, just the the title track played over the album cover photo). You probably don't want to hit "play" unless you really like loud metal music with screaming vocals and occasional profanity.

But tonight, President Obama will be giving his annual State of the Union Address. If I'm awake at 9 PM (unlikely), I'll listen to it on the radio as I usually do. But since I do not expect to be up and awake at that time, I've set up my DVR to record the event from a local PBS station. That way I can watch it in the middle of the night when I get up.

President Obama is coming to Asheville [from the Asheville Citizen-Times] again this week, specifically tomorrow (Wednesday, 2013/02/13). This is his fourth visit. I guess he likes it here. Who could blame him, though?

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