a day off for housework

I had an extra day of work this week. Just a few hours after I got home on Monday morning, my boss called and asked if I could come back in at 3 PM for four more hours. Somebody called in sick. And so I put four hours on the next week's tally.

You better believe I slept well last night! It has been a long time since I've worked more than 4o hours in a week. I woke up after about 8 hours of sleep at 5:30 AM. I sat up and thought about getting up; I turned on my computer and started the radio stream while the BBC World Service was still on. The sun came up a couple of hours later, and I was relieved because that meant that I could put the flag out on the porch and go back to sleep.

I got up again at about 10:30 AM and spent some time waking up before coming to the conclusion that things needed to be done and today is the day. There is a new decree at work, courtesy of the oil conglomerate whom we ultimately pay fealty, that we wear either a white button-up shirt or a black one. I don't have a white shirt but I do have one black one, and I wore it yesterday so I have to wash it before tomorrow.

And tomorrow, well, that could be a busy one. I have an appointment with my shrink at 1 PM, need to be at my store between 2 and 3 for some paperwork, and have to buy a couple of shirts too - then be back to work at 11 PM. As long as I'm out I ought to do some proper grocery shopping.

My federal taxes came back already, so my bills are paid and I can afford to get my car legal. That's gonna have to happen this week too.

But today I'm sipping on some coffee while the laundry churns. Later I'll do the dishes. And yes, I've cut down a lot on my coffee consumption and am sleeping much better as a result. I still drink a lot of cups at work but I'm mixing it with hot chocolate so the volume of coffee is halved.

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