When I left work this morning, is was 22 degrees and starting to sleet onto frozen roads - a real mess. My car was coated with ice that was frozen tight to the windows. I was happy that I didn't have to stay late at work. and even happier that the highway crews around here apparently know how to pre-treat a road with salt and sand. The precipitation hadn't started yet at home yet.

The predicted high for the day was 32 with continued freezing rain and snow. I laid down for a nap before 10 AM.

I got back up at 1 PM, expecting to find a frozen and hazardous wonderland. According to the Weather Channel it is 31 degrees and snowing here right now. My thermometer, eyes and skin say it's 50 and raining. Stubborn patches of snow and ice left from the last storm are withering. The animal trough out front of the house is completely ice-free. I'll take it.

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