yee-ha, it's Friday night!

Or, as most folks would say, Sunday morning. It was warm last night, by which I mean dew fell instead of frost. The dew froze on my car some time after 5:30 AM. It melted off easily, though, after I started the car. It never really got very cold. There wasn't any frost when I got home. The cat, George, is a hardy fellow. He was on the front porch waiting for me to get home, but not because he was cold; when we entered the house, he started pestering me to pour food into his dish. When he finished chowing down he was ready to go right back out.

I took the dog for a quick walk a little while ago. We found a big wide trail coming up through a steep and rocky break in the woods down along the East edge of our field. It was in a spot where Rocko and I used to clamber down the hill a short distance, but it grew up over the summer and we haven't been down that way lately. It had looked impassible; this morning the weeds were laying down.

I toyed with the idea that it might have been caused by deer, but quickly disabused myself of the notion. Large weed stalks had been pushed over, as if by larger animal. The undergrowth showed no signs of browsing. Probably a bear or bears. They'd better watch out; the house next door overlooks that spot and the guy has guns. Rocko started investigating the scene pretty thoroughly and soon decided that he wanted to head in the other direction. Smart dog.

The day is quickly becoming warm. It's already over 50 ℉ and is supposedly headed for about 68 ℉. A nice day to relax.

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