Winter Storm Freyr delivered a little bit of snow here at the house. Farther north in Haywood County, more snow fell. There was a little over an inch of snow in the road on the higher points of my drive to work. This morning I stuck to the main roads for the drive home because there are a few steep inclines on my usual route. When I got home I was disappointed that we didn't get any significant accumulation.

I had to spread salt (or whatever our ice-melting stuff is) in the parking lot at work. There was ice everywhere.

It is supposed to get up to about 40℉ here today, so everything should melt. Tonight is supposed to get down below 20℉ but it isn't supposed to snow.

Our friend Teresa brought the box containing Lisa's ashes to my house yesterday. We sat out on the porch and I took some of the ashes; Teresa filled several containers for herself and others. There are still a lot of ashes left. Lisa's daughter told Teresa that she could spread the remainder on her garden, but instead she is saving them for the ceremony at the Devil's Courthouse next summer. That's what Lisa wanted. I'll be keeping a small amount of ashes for myself, but the rest of what I kept will go over the side of the Devil's Courthouse some time soon. Rocko and I will go up there alone for that.

The Devil's Courthouse as seen from the parking lot, 30 Sept. 2011


  1. that's beautiful, with the ashes.
    I struggle for a way to express myself without sounding all religious and sappy, but

    I want to say not 'Goodbye, but "Thank You". Not that she is gone, but that she was here; and take comfort that the the ashes will mingle again with the earth and will always be here, in the trees and the wind.

    I hope that reads reverential, as it was intended, and not corny.

  2. Not corny at all, in fact Lisa would agree with every word.

    I sprinkled a little bit of her ashes around the grave of our cat, Jack, and around her dog Sage's gravestone (which we brought from Florida and stood in a stump in our front yard), and some I cast upon the slope behind the house - the slope she looked at every day out her bedroom window. There is still some left for the Courthouse.

    A small fragment of bone fell out of the jar and onto Jack's grave. After a couple of days I picked it up and put it in my "body parts box", a little stone box where I put cat's claws, teeth and pieces thereof, and now a fragment of Lisa's roasted bone.