boy did I sleep yesterday

Since I hadn't slept on Thursday, I wanted to make sure that I got a lot of sleep on Friday. Therefore I took 100mg of diphenhydramine HCl (Benadryl). That's four pills.

Funny thing about diphenhydramine. If you buy it as an antihistamine, it comes in 25mg capsules or tablets and you can get a bottle of 100 for about $3 at the Dollar Store. If you buy it labeled as a sleep aid, it also comes in 25mg capsules or tablets but costs a great deal more.

To make things worse, financially speaking, you are supposed to take two pills when used as a sleep aid. So they cost more per pill and you take them two at a time. I just buy a bottle of 100 "antihistamine" tablets and take them as a sleep aid. I don't use them very often, so a bottle lasts me a good long time.

The Benadryl did me good yesterday, though. I took four of them at 8:15 AM and was asleep by 10 AM. I awoke to my alarm clock at 9:30 PM feeling refreshed.

Now I have to go out with Rocko and George. We didn't get to do it yesterday.

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