ten years

I missed my own anniversary. Typical, of course, since I miss a lot of anniversaries and birthdays. It's like a tradition.

This month (November 2012) marks ten years that I've been writing on this blog.

A lot has happened over ten years. I've moved, a lot, and managed to finally escape Florida a year ago. I've had good jobs, bad jobs, easy and hard jobs, no job. I survived a five-year relapse wherein I ended up living on the streets of Tallahassee.

I'm coming up on the five-year anniversary of my escape from that less-than-a-life on January 13, 2013.

I spent a few years loving and caring for a wonderful woman whom I tragically lost just a month ago. She brought me back to her homeland, the mountains of Haywood County, North Carolina, USA, and I brought her home too.

Thanks to her, I have a job now. She and the owner of the business go all the way back to the 4th grade. It was her name on my job application that really got me in.

If I didn't have this job, I don't know for sure what would happen to me, but the homeless life isn't as hard as most folks think. I'd very likely end up that way again, but with a car and without beer. Thanks to the Great Spirit and my guardian angels I really do not need to contemplate that option.

But today is Wednesday again. I have to work at 11 PM tonight and I doubt that I'll get any meaningful rest before then. The dishes await, two sinks full of them. That'll take about an hour to complete so I guess I'll take my laptop into the kitchen and listen to some NPR podcasts while I toil.

Happy late anniversary, Lemurs. Woo-hoo and all that.

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