Goodbye, Lisa

[Editor's note: I originally, and incorrectly, said that Lisa passed away on 20 October, rather than 30 October. I regret the error.]

Lisa died peacefully in her sleep on the morning of 30 October 2012. The cause was congestive heart failure. We didn't even know that she had any heart problems, other than a slightly rapid heartbeat and slightly high blood pressure. She had a lot of physical issues but, so far as we knew, her heart wasn't affected.

 At least she was back in her beloved mountains when she died. Next spring we will scatter her ashes off of the Devil's Courthouse.

Lisa was the most unique individual that it has ever been my honor to meet. I am still baffled as to why she would want to be with me, though we did have a few things in common. She was brilliantly intelligent, so we didn't need to "dumb down" our conversations. She was intensely spiritual and took a long spiritual journey before she came to realize that Wicca most closely matched her feelings. She didn't belong to any coven; instead, she was a solitary Wiccan.

And she was 6'3" (183cm) tall. She was my Amazon and I was her Hobbit. I will miss her forever.

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  1. I only "met" Lisa through reading this blog, but she is a real person to me, that I respect and admire. Shock and sadness greeted me just now as I caught up on things after a stint without web access. My memories of Lisa, though few, will be held dear and not forgotten.