the debate

I'm taping the debate so I can watch it all later, but am watching what I can now, before I go to work.

Mitt Romney is making an ass of himself. In brief, he is full of shit. President Obama is wiping the floor with him.


  1. I have only seen snippets of the debate, but from news reports I have read and heard (BBC website and one of the main radio news channels, BBC Radio4) most commentators are saying that Romney did better than Obama. Mark Mardell, the BBC's main political journalist in the US at present (who used to be scathing about GWB, just like the BBC in general) seems to be coming to the same conclusion after the first debate. Presumably the VP & 2nd Pres debate will give more clues as to what might happen in November.

    Seen from outside the US, the great hope that Obama seemed to promise 4 years ago has not been fulfilled, however I am wary of saying too much about US politics because it seems so 'alien' (despite our semi-common language) and because it seems so nakedly and bare-knuckle partisan than even our 'spats' between Conservative/Labour used to be, but are not so much now in general. So much so that US politics seems to have been reduced to a ya-boo mantra from both sides with only a very few pockets of voters focussed on by both candidates as swing-voters, with the vast bulk of partisan supporters on either side (fairly well-balanced numerically overall) never likely to change so can be largely discounted. or is all this only an "iggorant furriner" speaking? ;)

  2. I was a little disappointed in president Obama's performance at the debate, but after thinking about it for a day I had to ask myself. Would I rather have a president who had the time and nothing better to do with it than to be carefully schooled about the right sounding answers to questions they knew were coming or a president who could take his time to compose an answer that acutally made sense?
    We lived through 8 years with a knee jerk, shoot from the hip president and I see where that got us and I didn't like it.
    Romney still can't remember what he said 24 hours ago so why would I want that guy as my president?