Rocko's snakebite, day 3

He posed for his portrait this morning.
Rocko's attitude has improved greatly. Last night, he wanted to go out one last time before bed. He went to the door, as he is wont to do, and looked over at me with bright eyes and a wagging tail.

His energy is still a bit low, but when I let him out this morning he headed over to where the neighbors throw their food trash and treated himself to pre-breakfast. I tracked him down and called him. He came to me and, as we headed back to the house, I said, "did you do your business? Did you poop?" He shook his head, turned into the tall grass and squatted, dropping a load. Good dog. Then we continued back to the house. "Did you pee?" Nope. He turned into the grass again and peed. Then we were good to go for his real breakfast.

When we got back to the house he took a long drink from the outdoor water dish. I grabbed the camera and he posed for his photos.

His wounds are no longer spreading in area and don't look as red anymore. The pain seems to be gone, so now I think it's safe to dab some peroxide on the open sores without bothering him too much. The pouch of fluid under his neck isn't growing anymore either.

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