Rocko's snakebite, day 2 - today's photos

Thanks to Mike Firesmith for helping us to feel better about Rocko's prognosis. As requested, here are some photos I took less than a half-hour ago. His eyes are probably so droopy because of the Benadryl. We aren't letting him run around freely outside since he needs to rest. Even when we do let him out, he just lays under the deck on the cool dirt.

As you may imagine, I didn't take him with me for this morning's blackberry harvest. And I didn't go into the same thicket where he was bitten; the berries aren't ready in that patch yet anyway.

You can see the raw flesh around what I believe to be the punctures.

The swelling seems to have evened up. Yesterday it was only on the right side and throat.

Here you can see his swollen throat hanging down.


  1. If a snake shows and ruins your party, get the dogs and everyone else out of the way! Best to call a reptile handler to deal with the problem.
    All the best

  2. Nice idea, but our "party" is me and my dog in the woods. We're in the snakes' territory.