my weekend begins

At last the "weekend" has arrived. My job is part-time, 32 hours each week, and I don't have to go back until Wednesday night.

Yesterday my cash tally came up $20 short at the end of my shift. Fortunately for me, my manager found the problem after I went home. When I did my final cash drop for the night a $20 bill had failed to go through the feeder into the safe. She found it bunched up over the feeder. This morning I came up $0.87 over. Much better.

Last night wasn't very busy. We don't sell beer, so the weekend partiers go to another store for their alcohol. But customers did come in fairly steadily until about 4 A.M. so I wasn't able to sweep and mop until that time.

A couple of boys who appeared to be about 12 or 13 years old came in at 3 A.M. They bought some nachos and a Slushie and sat down to eat. Just before they left, one of them bought a package of condoms. I raised an eyebrow at that; he smiled and said, "my brother told me to get them."

Today Lisa is going over to her mom's house for a cookout. I wasn't looking forward to going because I knew that I'd be exhausted by the middle of the day. Lisa told me that I didn't have to go. That's good. I thanked her for that and said that if I did have to go, I'd end up sleeping in the basement anyway.

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