NRA paranoia

The paranoia of the National Rifle Association regarding Democrats is nothing new. It is one of the reasons that I stopped paying for membership in that organization a long time ago.

When we go to Lisa's doctor, I usually read the American Hunter magazine. I used to hunt and still love firearms. But every issue has a couple of editorials raving about how President Obama is "trying to take our guns away." I have a one-word response: ridiculous!

The President hasn't said a single word or made a single move in that direction. Nevertheless, Wayne LaPierre continues his paranoid ranting that it is true.

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  1. Welcome to the club. I learned long ago that the NRA is just a front for the most conservative republicans and, like their sponsors, truth is not a word in their vocabulary. I hate that it has turned out that way, I'm a long time gun owner too but I also believe the truth comes first.