heat wave

A lot of my friends up in New York are complaining about the heat. According to weather.com it is currently 90℉ in Penfield, NY, where I grew up.

Here, it is 72℉. The warmest I've seen so far this year is about 82℉. This morning I finally switched our thermostat over to AC and set it to 80 during the day and 77 at night, but it appears unlikely that the AC will be coming on any time soon. The highest temperature that we've had inside the house so far this year has been 77℉.

I am eagerly awaiting the ripening of the blackberries. One or two plants have been giving me one or two berries per day since the weekend, but when the rest come on there will be gallons of them.

Yesterday I had to make a road trip to get one of Lisa's medications. I picked up the prescription at the doctor's office and took it to the nearest CVS pharmacy. They told me that they didn't carry that particular pharmaceutical, so I headed south to the Walgreens pharmacy in Brevard. They didn't have it either but called their store in Arden, which did have it, so headed over there. While I was waiting for them to fill the prescription, I went back out and let Rocko do his "business" in the grass along the edge of the property. They had some ripe blackberries (at least they looked like blackberries) but they were very bitter. This surprised me. I only ate one, but it left my throat burning for over an hour.

It was a lovely drive, especially the route home from Arden. I took the shortcut home via the Blue Ridge Parkway just north of the pharmacy and drove through ten or eleven tunnels along the way. As I said, a lovely drive, but the "low fuel" light came on about seventeen miles from home. I made it, but I'm a bit nervous about leaving home again. The nearest gas station is four miles away, mostly downhill. I think I'll make it, but if I don't, I cannot find our gas can. We had one in Florida and I seriously doubt that I would have left it there.

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  1. Just had a look at some pics of the Blue Ridge Parkway and it certainly looks as if it passes through some stunningly beautiful terrain :)