bed and bike

Got some good news today. We'll be getting my parents' old bedroom set. I slept in it for years after they had moved on to a larger bed, then my first wife and I used it. After we split up, it went back to my folks. Dad refinished it and it eventually ended up with my brother's mother-in-law. Now she's remodeling and it will be coming back to me.

And my brother also has a 1994 Trek 930 mountain bike that he has offered to me. Sweet. He says that it needs a tune-up, something that I am pretty handy with.

Our cookout with Lisa's mom worked out well. It took all afternoon to get the fire hot enough to cook, but the meal was tasty when it finally arrived.

My computer is running well again. I have the display operating at the correct resolution and, after some tinkering, the sound is working better than ever.

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