Four years ago today, what was supposed to be my last night at the halfway house in New Port Richey turned into my first night at Lisa's house.

I didn't have permission to stay out all night. But, as the day wore on, neither of us felt like heading all the way up to Kentucky Street. My rent was paid up to the 19th; after that I was going to move in with Lisa. We didn't see any reason to spend another night apart.

It has been a good four years. Ups and downs, yes, but here we are - still together and in the mountains. It got all the way up to 78 degrees here today, and it felt hot to me. The Weather Channel says that it only got up to 85 in New Port Richey, but I can guarantee that it felt a lot hotter than that.

We have several anniversaries: the day we met online, the day we met in person, the day I moved in, and the day at the rock bridge on Lake Logan Road last September.

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