this is odd

For some reason, I have not been able to log in to Blogger - or any other Google product - on my own computer lately. I'm using Lisa's laptop to write this. I also can't log in to our bank.

In both cases, I get the login screen; after entering my username and password, there is a short wait, and then I get an error message saying that the website is either down or too busy. But if I use Lisa's machine, I can get in quickly.

Our machines are physically identical. We bought them both within a two-month period last fall. She runs Windows 7; I run Debian Linux. Both of us use the Firefox browser and I have installed the same security add-ons on both machines. This is a new problem, just coming up during the month of April. Oh well. At least I can use her machine to pay the bills when the money comes in later this week.

Today, though, we have to go to the doctor. Lisa is having a scope pushed down her throat this afternoon to investigate her hiatal hernia. Her doctor in Florida was very concerned that she have it looked at before it gets more serious.

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