WTF is wrong with wearing a hoodie?

Really, Geraldo? Wearing a hoodie is enough to make someone a suspect?

Before they caught Ted Kazinski, the hoodie was associated with the Unabomber (when combined with aviator-style sunglasses and a moustache). Now, evidently, it means that you are a gang member or at least a "gangsta wannabe".

As a 50-year old Caucasian male who wears hoodies whenever the ambient temperature indicates adding layers - sometimes two hoodies at the same time (GASP!), if it is cold enough - I have to say "Screw you, Geraldo, you're an idiot."

But then we already knew that Geraldo Rivera is a joke. You know, I actually watched his "Al Capone's Vault" fiasco. Hey, Geraldo, can I have those three hours back? Don't mind the hoodie, bro. It's 52 degrees and a jacket would be too warm.

I'm not a gangsta or a wannabe. I'm a cold middle-aged dude.

When I see somebody (anybody, black, white or Hispanic, young or old) wearing a hoodie, I don't give it a second thought. If I thing about it at all, it is to note that they are probably cold.

Grow a pair, jackass. Are you afraid of motorcycle jackets, too? What about dew-rags? "Oh shit, that guy is wearing a blue dew-rag. He is obviously a Crip!"

Yeah, I'm a Crip. And a Blood, when I wear my red dew-rag. A 50-year old, white, red-bearded, ponytailed Crip/Blood. I'm at war with myself and I hate the white man 'cuz he's keeping me down.

But at least this fool took our attention off of the Circus GOPus for a few days.

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