a break in the weather

We've been got a lot of rain yesterday and last night, but there have been extended breaks of beautiful sunny weather. There was almost no wind yesterday, so the roar of the river was the only sound most of the time.

It rained for a while overnight, but this morning was spectacular. The rain shouldn't start again until late afternoon. Everything (except the trees) is greening up and flowering. Time to keep my eyes open for rattlesnakes.

A couple of nights ago, the neighbors had a bonfire and Lisa went over and hung out until midnight. I didn't go; they were drinking and I'm not terribly social anyway. Lisa got to meet a couple of members of the notorious Reece clan; real nice folks, but heavy drinkers and sometimes very violent. It would be nice to be on their good side, but probably better still to avoid them completely.

The lady next door is a member of the Reece clan but doesn't subscribe to their usual shenanigans. Her description of them is, "all they do is shoot at each other and switch women like most people change their underwear."

This month is coming to a close and I really believe that things will be better next month. But Lisa needs a primary care physician, and that is proving to be a far more difficult task than we had anticipated.

Jason next door made a ginseng digging tool for me this week. The ginseng season isn't until September, but he wants me to help when the time comes. Quite a bit of money to be made there. And you get to walk around in the woods all day, something I love and have the energy to do.

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