another night with the family

Our original (if spontaneous) plan was just to spend Saturday night with Anna, but Taylor was coming home late on Sunday. Lisa mentioned to me that she would like to wait until Monday to leave so we could spend some time together. Only minutes later, Anna entered the room and made the same suggestion.

Rocko is having a great time too. He is getting along well with Odin, the big cat; Freya is cautious regarding the dog, but is very friendly with me and Lisa. In fact, she is pacing back and force rubbing against my legs as I type. Their newest cat, Mars, is a different story. He is skittish and is spending most of his time under the bed, though he has let me pet him thanks to my "cat whisperer" tendencies.

This afternoon I took Rocko for a walk in the woods. He is so excited about all the unfamiliar smells. He has actually been on a lot of walks today. Anna even took him for a jog before supper.

It is wonderful to be able to do something like this; we now have a reliable vehicle so a 100 mile trip is not a big deal.

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