yanking teeth and cold weather

The forecast is "cold," which is of course relative. Here, a hard freeze warning means it's pretty darn cold.

But I stayed nice and warm, even overheated, while driving Lisa to the dentist. Our car's clutch doesn't completely disengage anymore. It is getting worse. If you take your foot off the brake with the transmission in 1st gear, the car tries to drive away. The shifter doesn't want to come out of any gear, and really doesn't want to go into any gear. Not fun - especially when you are in traffic.

Double-clutching helps a bit while in motion, but on the way home from the dentist I had to take off from a dead stop in 3rd gear several times. And I stalled it a few times (as you might imagine). Not looking forward to the drive later when I pick her up.

So Lisa is at the dentist getting all of her bad teeth pulled and new choppers made. She has lost 20 pounds since last winter; with the new glasses & left knee, and her "skinny jeans", she looks great. Once she has her new teeth she'll be an absolute knockout. A couple of days ago, I was sitting at the back of the yard with Rocko. Lisa walked up toward the front yard and, watching her walk, I told Rocko that "we're a couple if lucky guys."

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