not much free time anymore

The first half-day at work was kind of slow. Got a computer and cubicle - but no login yet. Yesterday I worked my ass off (I have two speeds: "full throttle" and "stop") unboxing and setting up dual-monitor PCs. That won't be my regular job, though; I'm tech support. They did give me my access ID and parking badge, though. I can go anywhere - anywhere - in the building. Only those of us in IT (and maintenance personnel) get that kind of freedom.

Anyway, I enjoy setting up computers in particular and techno-gizmos in general. The money isn't great, but it is a heck of a lot more than I get for taking care of Lisa and the house. Already, in two days, I have earned more than I did for all of 2008 and 2009 combined.

Got lost trying to find my way out of one building. My coworkers had warned me about that, saying that getting yourself lost is the best way to learn. Very true.

At lunch I drove off the campus to see what was in the area. Got lost then, too; so badly that I wasn't sure I'd find my way back. Saw the Hard Rock Casino, Ford Amphitheater, Everest University and Rasmussen College. I still don't know where any of them are, but I did pass them while trying to find my way back to work. It's a good thing I had an hour for lunch. By the time I got back I still hadn't found a place to eat and didn't have time to hit the on-site cafeteria.

Today I made a sandwich. Don't want to end up wobbly like yesterday, when I ate nothing until I got home and learned that Lisa had cooked up some chicken breasts in barbeque sauce. Made veggies for her but just ate chicken myself.

The sandwich may not survive until lunch. Gotta go. I do not want to get stressed out trying to get to work on time. Everybody drives to Tampa in the morning and back out at night. I did find a relaxing way to get out of town after work. It eventually gets me back to Route 75 but I miss the worst traffic (1st and 2nd gear in a 70 mph zone).

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