There is a real sense of peace and serenity in our little corner of the world today.

A malign psychic force had cast its pall over our quiet neighborhood and this piece of Earth we are privileged to call Home. That force has been expelled, though not without strenuous mental and spiritual exertion.

I shall not delve into the inter-personal conflicts that had laid the shadows. No, I only thank God and the Goddess for helping us not only to survive but to grow stronger in the process.

The new moon occurred early Wednesday, with Venus as the Evening Star. Both are propitious omens for me: particularly the Evening Star. I feel protected when She is present. Venus represents, to me, my mother's spirit; caring for the well-being of all, trying to make things right in the world, a shining beacon of hope.

The crisis that is now passing has had some tangibly beneficial results. The unregistered vehicles are being moved to more appropriate - less "hot" - locations. The van left yesterday and we have a promise that the pickup truck will be registered and gone within the week. A three-high stack of mattresses and an old blue barrel full of trash remain but there are also promises to remove them (we have been waiting since June for them to be taken away, but change is afoot). I expect the truck to be gone before the moon's first quarter arrives, and the mattresses before the full moon.

Jacob and Brittany have already moved out and will be married in a private ceremony this coming Tuesday. Only parents and "significant others" are invited. The parents of the beautiful bride will be treating us to dinner afterward.

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