sizzling television set = bad

The TV in the bedroom has been on its last legs for some time now. Occasionally it needed a good whack in just the right place to turn on. Even these new-fangled solid state sets need a good whack in their old age, I suppose.

A couple of days ago I turned the TV on and it made a sound like the crushing of a thin-walled water bottle. The sound lasted for two or three seconds. There was no smoke, but the TV doesn't turn on at all anymore. We have it unplugged so it doesn't catch fire.

The set-top box (the only one in the house with a DVR) that we were using with that TV uses the three-wire output exclusively. The dead TV had the appropriate inputs, but neither the living room set nor the little 13" emergency set can use the three-wire connection. Oh well. I'm going to bed now. It is after 11 PM. I have been going to bed at 10 every night to try to instill some semblance of rhythm into my sleep cycle. It is working so far. I need about 10 hours of sleep, so if I hit the hay by 10 I will wake up by 8 AM. And I don't have to worry about the TV keeping me awake.


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