Two boxes filled with memories arrived yesterday, along with my high school yearbook from 10th grade and a can of Grandma Brown's Beans.

The two boxes contain all of my files and many, many photographs. Kid's report cards; letters from family, friends and presidents; Anna's immunization certificate from 1992; newspaper clippings (including two of my DUI's); notes and paperwork from banks, jobs, rehabs, medical issues and more.

One file I just noticed is marked "Broken left elbow - July 2001". I remember the accident that caused the fracture as well as the repeated visits to TOSPT, which was called TOSC at the time.

It will take me a long time to read through everything and process the memories. I'm so happy to have them - thanks, Dad and Velma, and thanks to Eric Henderson for saving them for the past two years. I love you all.

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