mediation FAIL

The mediation yesterday between Lisa and her ex-husband accomplished two things: he will be paying his lawyer even more money and, since neither side was willing to compromise, the mediator is sending them to court so that a proper judge can make a decision on the case.

The mediator herself was friendly, kind and understanding. I was not allowed into the conference room except to push Lisa and her wheelchair in prior to their discussion and to bring her back out after they were finished. Simply being her caretaker is not enough; I cannot be present without a court order.

Lisa and her ex were kept in separate rooms; the mediator walked back and forth to discuss options with each of them.

Lisa was told that she cannot, by law, discuss the proceedings with me. Of course she did let me know that the case will be going back to court, but that is all.

We are confident of a few things: it is very unlikely that she will be required to pay for his legal representation, and also her ex will have to continue to pay the currently established alimony until after the court date.

As we left the mediation we noticed that her ex was driving a Corvette while Lisa's car needed to be push-started (as always). Furthermore, we also know that he and his girlfriend have been on several out-of-state vacations this year. Odd behaviour for an allegedly destitute couple; driving a Corvette and taking vacations to the Midwest.

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