hit counter hijinks

I was mystified to see that my page hit counter had suddenly lost about 4,000 hits overnight - then I noticed that my own visits to the page were no longer being counted. That makes sense.

You see, I visit my own blog several times per day. It is where my most commonly used links reside (note the first category in the left panel: "Daily Essentials"). That way, anywhere I roam, I can get to most of my favorite resources by visiting the Council of Lemurs from whichever Internet-connected computer I can get my grubby little hands on.

The folks at Easy Hit Counters seem to have figured out how to keep page owners from artificially or unintentionally boosting his/her/their hit counts. This makes perfect sense to me; hit counts shouldn't be a contest. Unless you depend upon them for revenue (I wish).

So, as of this morning, I haven't had over 15,000 page visits over the past four years. Only a measly 11,910 or so. That's OK too. If only I had found a decent counter seven years ago when I started writing.

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