a busy week ahead

What a week we have prepared. Friday is the only day (so far) without at least one appointment.

On Monday, we visit Mid-Florida Community Services for help with our electric bill. Tuesday, Lisa will be fitted for a leg brace. (See Thursday.)

Wednesday she gets another MRI for her left shoulder; there have been problems with the soft tissue there, but she recently fell and damaged it further. The sharp nature of the pain tends to cause her to suspect a cracked bone. Not much they can do about that - we have already been using a sling and binding the arm to her torso to minimize movement.

On Thursday she finally gets the previously delayed surgery on her left knee. We had to postpone the surgery earlier because a $250 co-pay was due on the day of the procedure. The knee has been getting progressively more painful and is quite swollen; she has a torn meniscus, a cyst and the patella is growing attached to another structure. Last week Lisa called a number of insurance and health providers to make them feel guilty for forcing her to live with this condition, and eventually the surgical center offered to "eat" the co-pay. After surgery she will require the brace for which she will be fitted on Tuesday.

The following Monday she returns to the surgical center for a follow-up and, later in the day, visits another location to learn therapeutic techniques to allow the knee to heal in a strong and healthy fashion.

A couple of days ago I gave our floor mop a "haircut". The mop is of a type allowing the head to be replaced, but the head itself was far too large for our small mop bucket. First I removed four or five inches from the length of the strands. Then I trimmed back several layers up at the head end. Now the mop fits in the bucket and excess water can be squeezed out as well.

That gave me a good reason to mop the entire house. I even started cleaning out the guest bathroom/puppy nursery, but that room is such a mess that it will need several moppings.

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