Yesterday I went down to St. Petersburg for a job interview with a temp company. They are putting me in for a job doing what I do best, circuit board design. The pay rate isn't what I am used to getting for working in that field, but I'm not complaining. It isn't the kind of job that I do just for the money; I love the work and am very, very good at it. It is hard to get my foot back in that door, though, because I haven't done any real design work for five years - but I was a designer for 15 years before that.

So, next Thursday Lisa goes to court. Her illiterate ex is trying to reduce the amount of alimony he pays, crying that he has no money to live on. Boo hoo! There are two incomes in his house and (according to his financial affidavit) he has $2000 in the bank. Lisa never has more than about $700, and that goes back out to pay bills as soon as it comes in.

Another thing he's trying to win points on is his claim that she is living with a "paramour". Surprise, surprise, you illiterate jerk, we have a form from her doctor which states that she requires 24/7 care and that I am the designated caretaker.

And get this: he claims that Lisa should pay for his lawyer because he cannot afford to pay his lawyer and Lisa "can easily do so." Hell, she can't afford a lawyer for herself; the mortgage is late, the phone is almost two months behind and the water is three months behind. The only bills that are up-to-date are the electric and the car insurance (which comes directly out of her checking account). Lisa cannot even afford to buy food; I use my food stamps to feed the two of us.

Speaking of car insurance, this month they took out an extra $129 because they thought that her son (who lives in another town) and her daughter (who lives in Texas) have access to her car. Sorry folks, but no. She called them and cleared up the problem, but now we are waiting for them to refund that badly needed money.

I should hear back about that job tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed, we definitely need the money.


  1. WOW he's a douche! Good luck with the job! I'm still trying to get one here. The Social Security office is FINALLY sending out my new card after two years of re-applying, calling and e-mailing, so that should make things easier on my end.