health insurance reform

President Obama's attempt to enact regulations and reform for the health insurance industry has been pejoratively nicknamed "Obamacare" by its opponents. They claim that it is "socialized medicine", as if there are no government-administrated health plans or insurance already.

Some protesters have made truly irrational statements such as, "keep your stinking government hands off my Medicare!" (a government agency). Just check out its website: http://www.medicare.gov. The ".gov" means that it is a government agency.

And let us not forget the VA benefits that so many people receive from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, http://www.va.gov, which is and has always been a government agency.

Social Security (http://www.ssa.gov)? A government agency. Medicaid (http://www.medicare.gov)? A government agency.

Sarah Palin has warned against "Death Panels" passing judgement on whether elderly citizens in ill health and disabled children deserve medical care or should be ignored and allowed to die. This is what the Obama plan is seeking to prevent, not advocate.

The "bad guys" here are the private insurance companies, not the government. Private insurance companies are always seeking ways to cut costs (i.e. maximize profits) and cutting loose those in ill health or having "pre-existing conditions". They are the ones with "death panels". Obama's plan would guarantee that these allegedly high-risk groups receive the care that they deserve.

Imagine the uproar among conservatives if the above-mentioned programs were phased out! My ears are ringing just thinking about it, and I have stitches in my sides from laughing at the insane irony surrounding the way they cling to these "socialist" programs that they feel entitled to.

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