On this coming Monday we go to a mediation before a judge. Lisa's ex is trying to reduce the amount of alimony he pays.

My personal experience with Florida family law has shown that it allows support payments to be high enough to seriously curtail the payor's lifestyle. I ended up homeless despite earning $9.00 per hour, five days each week; I lost my residence because my take-home pay fell to 3/4 of my rent. That hurt a lot, but in my case the massive support payments were caused by my failure to report my lack of income in a timely manner.

Still, Federal and Florida state laws allow roughly 50% of the payor's income to be given to the payee.

Lisa's ex is not even paying that much. We have researched the statutes (I have them bookmarked in my browser) and have the specific codes saved. Our research suggests that her ex may very likely end up paying her more rather than less. They were married for thirty years, which means that he should be paying the maximum percentage allowable.

This weekend I shall complete the financial affidavit and a talking-points memo for Lisa's appearance at mediation.

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