goodbye chrome

Yesterday I uninstalled the Google Chrome browser.

To be sure, it was faster than Firefox 3.0.10, but Chrome cannot block ads or other bothersome (and potentially dangerous) Web content. I also found the user interface lacking. I had a similar experience with the Opera browser and also uninstalled that program after a short testing period.

I have been using the Mozilla family of browsers since Spry Mosaic, which evolved into the first version of Netscape - my browser of choice for several years.

Later I moved to the Mozilla Project's browser, an open source version of Netscape Navigator. The Mozilla browser evolved into Phoenix, a name which conflicted with Phoenix Technology's upstart browser. The name was then changed to Firebird, which also had a naming conflict - this time with the Firebird database server.

And so, the Mozilla Foundation finally changed their new browser's name to Firefox and worked to copyright that name to avoid further complications.

I have used all of these browsers and am very happy with Firefox, which continues to evolve and has an incredible number of add-ons and visual themes available.

I have Internet Explorer version 8.0.6001.18702IS installed (it comes prepackaged with Windows, and I update it regularly) but only use it when absolutely necessary. IE is notoriously vulnerable to exploits and infections.

There is a text-based browser named Lynx which comes in especially handy when your graphics-based browser craps out. I just downloaded it, since I occasionally used it on Linux and feel that I should have it. Just in case.

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