slap it!

Vince Shlomi, as you will remember from commercials promoting super-absorbent "Sham-a-lot" thingamabobs and then some kinda "Slap On, Slap Off" doohickey (that I seem to recall from my childhood), as well as his dark yet convincing interpretation of the character "Vince the Asshole" in the indie film "Vince Takes His Slapper Gig Too Far: Beats The Shit Out Of A Whore, Says 'The Fucking Bitch Deserved Every Blow I Struck' ", has made another risky career move, this time expressing his inner being through music and poetry.

And so, with no further ado, our main feature for the evening (morning, afternoon, whatever), "The Slap Chop Rap" starring T-Vinnie as "slap-chop man" !!!

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