the house where I grew up

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Look at the size of that driveway! We shared it with Mr. and Mrs. Kloosterman, a couple of wonderful people; they emigrated to the USA from the Netherlands after WWII.

It was a great place to grow up. Plenty of woods behind the house, and school was within walking distance. Across the street was a farmer's field, but that was long ago converted to a housing development. Takes all the magic away, but the memories remain.

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  1. I wonder if that driveway has ever been repaved. I used to reseal it about every 3 years and when we sold the place about 12 years after it was installed it was still in perfect shape.
    We and the next door neighbor hired 4 college kids to do the job, knowing we were taking a chance, but they promised a much thicker surface and a better job than the big guys. I always thought we did the right thing because those guys did an excellent job.
    Jay's Dad