Jacob stopped in yesterday morning and we were able to heave that wet old recliner into the dumpster. He also brought along a friend - who owns far more televisions than she needs - so we drove over to the neighborhood self-storage center and brought home a 1989 Zenith 25" TV, cable-ready, with an attractive wooden cabinet. It takes a little while to warm up, with the picture and sound being a bit fuzzy at first, but after a minute or two it looks and sounds fine.

As I have previously mentioned, my laptop's keyboard has been acting up. The most bothersome symptom has been happening while blogging. As I type, the cursor often jumps to the address bar. A bit of research (i.e. a quick search in Firefox Help) told me that pressing F6 moves the cursor to the address bar, but this behavior cannot be altered.

Google to the rescue! I found a utility called KeyTweak that allows you to remap or disable keys. Since installing KeyTweak and using it to disable F6, the problem has gone away.

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