Poor Lisa has been having great difficulty sleeping lately.

She wakes in the middle of the night and, being unable to nod off again, goes out to the living room and sits in the recliner watching television. Eventually she will nap sporadically but the quality of her rest is less than adequate.

When I rise in the morning, she nearly always announces her intention to return to bed.

Soon - usually within a matter of minutes - she emerges from the bedroom seeking a cup of coffee or can of Pepsi, her cigarettes and/or lighter, etc. The end result is that she gets no real rest during the day either.

This morning I walked her back to bed, set up her medications for the remainder of the day, provided a cold can of Pepsi, and gave her a walkie-talkie (which, as fellow Star Trek fans, we refer to as the "communicator") so she could ask for things without leaving her bed. I insisted that she remain in bed, except for bathroom breaks, and that she use the communicator to request any necessities.

Then I apologized for sounding as if I were scolding her, but admitted that I was in fact scolding.

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